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Empower Your Network, Boost Your Earnings with NodifyIt

Join our Affiliate Program and introduce businesses to our exceptional IT Staffing, Whitelabel services for agencies, and team building solutions. Earn rewarding commissions for every successful referral that helps a business soar to new heights

Unlock Opportunities: Your Network, Our Expertise

At NodifyIt, we specialize in tailoring IT services to meet the unique needs of each client. Our commitment to excellence has fostered trusted partnerships across the industry.

Now, we’re inviting you to become a part of our Affiliate Program. By referring B2B deals to us, you unlock a new revenue stream while helping other businesses achieve their technology goals.


Affiliate Program Overview

Discover an opportunity to foster growth and create value through NodifyIt Affiliate Program.

Our objective is simple: we believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships. When you introduce businesses in need of robust IT solutions to us, you're not just assisting them in accelerating their digital transformation, but also opening a door to rewarding commissions for yourself.

Here's how it works:



Leverage your network to refer potential B2B clients to us. Whether they require dedicated IT staffing, whitelabel services for agencies, or assistance in building proficient tech teams, your referrals can lead the way to bespoke solutions.



Upon a successful agreement with the referred client, and after the client's payment has been processed, you earn a commission. Our commission structure is designed to appreciate and reward your efforts generously.



The more successful referrals you bring in, the more you earn. There's no cap on the number of referrals you can make, making the earning potential limitless.

Who Can Become an Affiliate Partner?


Individuals with a Network

If you have a network of businesses in need of superior IT services, partner with NodifyIt. Your referrals can lead to rewarding commissions every time a deal is sealed.

Business Consultants

Enhance your consultancy services by referring your clients to our tailored IT solutions. With each successful referral, earn a commission and add more value to your client relationships.


Digital Agencies

Amplify your agency's service offerings by integrating NodifyIt’s specialized IT services. For every client you refer who benefits from our services, you earn a commission.

NodifyIt Representative

Become a representative of NodifyIt and help us extend our market footprint. We are keen on collaborating with sales experts who can unearth new business opportunities for us globally.

Your network can be a source of mutual growth – earn commissions while helping businesses meet their IT needs. Reach out for more details.


Interested in the Affiliate Program?

We would love to hear from you! Click this button to fill up a quick form and we'll contact you to get things started!

Mission Criteria

At NodifyIt, we value the quality and longevity of the projects we undertake. Our affiliate program is structured to reflect this ethos. Here are the criteria that define a successful affiliate mission:

1. Full time engagement

The referred project should require full-time engagement, ensuring a dedicated and focused approach towards achieving the desired outcomes.

2. Minimum Daily Rate

A minimum daily rate of 250€ is set to ensure that the project aligns with our standards of financial and professional viability.

3. Minimum Duration

The duration of the project should be at least 6 months. This duration allows us to forge meaningful relationships with our clients and deliver substantial value.

When all these conditions are met, we regard it as a successful affiliate mission, qualifying the referrer for the commission as per the terms of our affiliate program.

However, if a referral doesn't meet all the specified criteria, we encourage you to reach out nonetheless. At NodifyIt, we are open to discussing potential projects and exploring how we might work together to meet the client’s needs while ensuring a beneficial arrangement for our affiliate partners.

Payment Information


1. Commission Rates

Earn a competitive commission on every successful referral. Our commission structure is designed to reward the value you bring to NodifyIt.

2. Payment Options

Earn a competitive commission on every successful referral. Our commission structure is designed to reward the value you bring to NodifyIt.


Instant Commission

Receive a one-time commission after the first successful month of the collaboration between NodifyIt and the referred client.


Recurring Commission

Opt for a monthly commission for the duration of the contract, providing a steady income stream.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

1. Competitive Commissions

Earn attractive commissions on each successful referral. Our rewarding commission structure ensures that the better the deal, the higher the earnings. Your success is a reflection of NodifyIt's extended network and we believe in sharing the rewards.

2. Extensive Support

At NodifyIt, we value our affiliate partners and provide extensive support to ensure a seamless referral process. From providing necessary resources and tools to having a dedicated support team on standby, we've got you covered every step of the way.

3. Grow Together

Our affiliate program is a testament to our belief in growing together. By referring potential B2B clients to NodifyIt, you're not only unlocking new revenue streams but also contributing to a community focused on providing exceptional IT services. Your referrals help businesses gain access to top-notch IT solutions while you enjoy financial benefits.

4. Professional Development

As a NodifyIt affiliate partner, you also get the opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn about the latest trends in IT outsourcing, and enhance your understanding of the IT solutions landscape. It's a platform for mutual growth and learning.

Interested in the Affiliate Program?

We would love to hear from you! Click this button to fill up a quick form and we'll contact you to get things started!